Our Story

Hi there! Thanks for checking out Earthen Fern, my name is Emily. I am a horticulturist, artist, and amateur photographer. I have always had a passion for nature and plants so I went to college to study Horticulture. This led me to work as a Native Plant Conservationist and a Landscape Gardener. Both of those are incredibly demanding careers both physically and mentally, and after the COVID-19 pandemic started I really struggled with my mental health. I decided to step back from my career and create Earthen Fern. Earthen Fern let’s me combine all my passions into one, and helps me balance my mental health. I have personally and carefully handcrafted, sourced, and curated everything that Earthen Fern has to offer. I also have the help of my longtime partner Nick. He is just as much a part of Earthen Fern as me. He’s always behind the scenes helping with finances, deliveries, tech-problems, and simply cheering me on.

I would describe my style and aesthetic as “English cottage garden meets Scandi-boho interiors.” Warm neutrals, stone textures, wispy botanicals, and alllll the florals (especially dried). Having my style reflected in the way I decorate my home and the way I express myself is paramount to feeling my best. I value sustainability, supporting small, and DIY-ing it when necessary. Earthen Fern is my desire to share these values with all of you. My goal is to connect you with even the smallest piece of nature, whether it be a piece of art hanging in your home, or you recognizing one native plant while out on an adventure. 

Our name took me a long time to discover. I spent hours brainstorming, writing down hundreds of words that would encompass what I wanted to share with the world. There were a couple names that I went as far as creating a logo for but it didn’t feel authentic. One day I discovered the word “earthen” and it just clicked. The word Earthen is used to describe stoneware (pottery, ceramics, etc) meaning “made from earth.” How perfect, right? Picking the second part of the name was easy, its my favourite plant and it flowed nicely with earthen. The fern in our logo is our native Bracken Fern, bringing it back to my connection to native flora of Nova Scotia.